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Gardening in the Texas Hill Country
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Tips & Tricks

ROCKS, we have rocks. Big ones, little ones, fat ones. thin ones.,,,,, Okay, so what to do with those rocks.

We suggest using them to build a raised garden. Building up is much easier than trying to dig in our "soil". A short wall of dry stacked limestone not only looks like it belongs in our local landscape, but it also provides shelter for small animals, butterflies and toads.

Good SOIL is the key to creating a beautiful and healthy garden.

By determining the relative acidity of your soil (i.e., its Ph balance), you can make informed decisions about what plants to buy, how to fertilize, etc.

What little soil we have in the Lago area is highly akaline and can consist of clay, sand and/or caliche.  If you've tried to drive a shovel into the ground and hit a layer of seemingly solid concrete you know what caliche is.

What we lack locally is good organic matter. Amending the soil with compost will dramatically add to the nutrient content which is food to your plants.

Nothing is more important than healthy soil. Your garden will only be as good as the dirt beneath it's roots.

Now that you have healthy soil deciding on your PLANTS is the fun part of the job.

Azaleas and magnolias will not be happy in our alkaline soil. To save yourselves money, time and heartbreak, may we recommend sticking with the natives that actually like heat, drought, freeze and flood.

Central Texas natives have had years to adapt to our changeable climate and will give you years of beauty down the road.                                                                                                   

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We're looking for more bright ideas. If you've found a great idea for gardening in the Hill Country please email our webmaster.