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Gardening in the Texas Hill Country
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Gardening in Central Texas

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Be Firewise

Here on the North Shore last summer really  increased our awareness of our vulnerability to wildfire.

One thing we can do to protect ourselves is design our landscaping to be Firewise.

To download a list of both the dangerous and recommended plants provided by the Balcones Canyonlands National Wildlife Refuge click here-
Firewise Plants - Texas.

Gardening in the Texas Hill Country is both a joy and a misery.  Those of us who garden have found a challenge, literally, in our own backyard.  We've been there and have created this site to share some of our hard won knowledge with fellow gardeners.

We know what it's like to put that shovel into
solid rock, to move in yards of soil and plant hundreds of dollars worth of plants only to have them devoured overnight by those adorable whitetails.
We'll try to give you a few tips and tricks to make the most of what God has given us here in Central Texas. 

From making the most of those darned rocks to what the deer might leave alone, we'll share with you and invite you to share your knowledge with us.  Let's dig!   


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  Named as resource for cover article January/February 2007

Heading photo courtesy of Karen Kilfeather Photography