Hill Country Gardens
Gardening in the Texas Hill Country
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A list plants that I have had success with followed by additional ones recommended by Wasowski.
Small trees and bushes(under 15 ft):
Mountain Laurel, Persimmon, Redbud, Mexican buckeye, Possumhaw, Toothache Tree, Mexican Plum, Kidneywood, Prairie Flameleaf Sumac, Evergreen Sumac and two non-natives: Paradise tree and Vitex.

In addition Wasowski lists others which meet my criteria: Acacia berlandia or congesta, La Coma, Mexican poinciana, Fragant
ash, Soapbush, Goldenball Lead Tree, Retama, Texas pistachio, Tornillo Wafer Ash, Chisos Rosewood, Rusty Blackhaw vibernum

Bee brush, American Beautyberry, Agarito, Saber and Twist-leaf yuccas, Sotol, Prickly pear, Red yucca, Cenizio (sage), Black dalea, Sacahuista, Butterfly bush, Salvia greggii, Lantana, Bacharis and Evergreen Sumac, Daimanita.

Non natives which work well: Rosemary, some varieties of lavender, and Mexican Oregano. Wasowskis suggestions:
Indigo bush, Fourwing Saltbush, Shadscale, Wooley Butterflybush, Winterfat, Rabbitbush Texas Snakewood, Feather Dalea, Mormon Tea, Candelilla, Apache plume, Creosote bush, Violet Silverleaf, Fragrant Mimosa, Walking stick cholla, Aromatic Sumac, Smooth Sumac, Little Leaf Sumac, Carolina Rose, Desert Yaupon.

Lindheimers Muhly, Little Bluestem, Tall Indian Grass, Switch Grass Seep Muhly and Gulfcoast

Perennials and self seeding annuals:
Soft Greeneyes, Simpson Rosinweed, Common, Goldeneye and Maximillian Sunflower, Greenthread, Galliardia, Boneset, Golden Aster, Clasping Brown Eyed Susans, Ruellia, Silverleaf Nightshade, Gayfeather, Lantana, Blackfoot Daisy, Barbaras Buttons, Lemon Mint, Spotted beebalm, Twinleaf Senna, Lindheimers Senna,
Goldenrod, Zexmenia, Prairie Daisy, Skeleton Plant, Ironweed., Snow on the Mountain, Broomweed, Eryngo, Huisache Daisy, Frostweed, Fall Asters, Copper Canyon Daisy, Palafoxia, Bluebonnets, etc. Wasowski: Hearts Delight, prairie onion, Butterflyweed, Heath Aster, Hill country Aster, Flaxleaf Bouchea, Calylophus, Coreopsis, Bladderpod etc.

Caliche, little soil, full sun,no additional water
Trees: Mexican buckeye, Kidneywood, Prairie
Flameleaf Sumac.
Shrubs: Sotol, Yuccas,. Prickley pear, Argarito, Agave, Rosemary, Black Dalea, Cenizio, Daimanita.
Blooming plants: Mexican Oregano, Buffalo Burr, Blackfoot Daisy, Mountain centaury, Zexmenia, Greenthread, Gayfeather, Copper Canyon Daisy, Square Bud Daisy, Prairie Daisy, Two-leaf Senna.

Caliche, some soil, full sun, natural water only
Above plants.
Additional small trees: Persimmon and
Mountain Laurel..
Shrubs: American Beauty Berry (prefers shade), Spring: galliardia, paintbrush, bluebonnets, coreopsis and others of the composite family, beebalm family.
Summer: Sunflowers, Rosinweed, Greeneyes.

Soil, full sun, natural water only
All above.

All seasons: skeleton plant, native ruellias (like partial shade), silverleaf nightshade.
Late summer and fall: Snow-on-the-Mountain,
Eryngo, Boneset, Lindheimers Senna.

Water:  With regular watering, the selections are too numerous to mention.